What is Louisville Uncorked?

Louisville Uncorked organizes wine tasting events for members and guests that raise money for local charities.

The Tasting

At each event, a different variety is selected for tasting (for example: Merlot). Participants get together in up to teams of three and select a wine they'd like to present. Three bottles of the same wine are brought. The wines are bagged, tagged, and offered to the participants for tasting and scoring. At the end of the night the scores are tallied and the team's wine with the highest score wins.

Each tasting is dedicated to a different charity that is an integral part of the event: helping organize the festivities and providing educational material letting people know about their cause.

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Featured Charity

Kentucky Humane Society

The Kentucky Humane Society

The Kentucky Humane Society is a champion for companion animals. Through leadership, education and proactive solutions, we are creating more compassionate communities.

KHS envisions a day when every companion animal is given the care, resources and lifelong home they deserve. The Kentucky Humane Society will never euthanize a pet due to lack of space. We are committed to saving every healthy, behaviorally sound animal we take in.

Our Last Event

Uncorked Winter 2017 Crowd

Winter 2018 Tasting at Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (KMAC)

Leukemia Lymphoma Society

Louisville Uncorked held the Winter event on February 22, 2018 which benefitted Leukemia Lymphoma Society. There were more than 250 participants tasting some of the best (and the worst!) Syrah/Shiraz. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to contribute around $5,000 to their mission, but their needs are ongoing. If you were unable to attend and would like to donate or would like to further contribute to this valuable cause, please visit their website: www.lls.org.

The Winners of Winter 2018 Tasting


The Stump 2016

Brought by Team Linda


Rosemount Estate 2016

Brought by Team Sunshine


Milton Park 2015

Brought by Kimberly Taylor

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